It was so much fun to take Mia to the fair this year. She loved seeing all the animals, but her absolute favorite was the carousel. She got so excited when she realized the horse actually moved up and down and around in endless circles. Being that it was the fair, the ride lasted about 60 seconds. Mia did not understand the concept that when the horse stopped she needed to get off. She cried upon exiting. Of course we went back and bought more tickets so she could ride again. And once again it resulted in the same tearful exit. Later that night Tim and I rode our bikes back down to the fairgrounds for the Brad Paisley concert. The concert was a blast! Tim even commented that it was the best concert he had ever been to, beating out U2 in Paris. Now that is saying a lot coming from Tim who pretty much worships U2 and has the picture of him at the concert in Paris still hanging in our garage. (The only place I would let him hang it) The name of Brad Paisley’s tour was the “Virtual Reality Tour” and the show had some great effects behind him on screens. Brad sings one of his well known songs on the radio with Carrie Underwood and when he played that song during the concert he had a hologram of Carrie in the background that no one knew was fake. When she started singing the crowd got so excited thinking she was making a guest appearance. I about jumped over two rows of chairs screaming to get a better view and seriously didn’t realize she was fake until literally about 60 seconds into her singing. Then I felt like an idiot. Made for a good laugh.

Met up with Steve and Monique and enjoyed the Brad Paisley concert together later that night.

Watching Tanner show his pig (former 5th grader)


Clapping for the carousel

Little does she know the ride will end in 30 seconds

First carousel ride

Old West Cinnamon Roll lips

Trying really hard to get into the pen with the sheep.