Just about melted this past weekend. Melted in the 105 degree heat that is Fresno. I can’t believe I grew up playing soccer every weekend in this extreme heat. Apparently I have gone soft. We attended my cousin Philip’s wedding Saturday evening and stayed with my brother in town. Mia had many firsts during the weekend. First time playing in the backyard sprinkler, first time she decided to scream from 2am until 5 am in the morning, first time dancing at a wedding, first time really getting to know her cousin Ryden, first time on Aunt Kaitlyn’s horse, first time trying ketchup and fries at In -N- Out burger.

Jennifer and Philip

Ryden (just over 2 months old)

Kissing cousins

Getting Mia used to the idea of horseback riding

Loving it

Not one bit afraid. Should have known.

Telling the horse where to go. She might have gotten those bossy tendencies from her mama.

Sort of like walking the dog, but way more exciting!

Thinking she is hot stuff getting to try ketchup.