Cali surprised me with these muddy prints recently, and I thought  about how someday soon this is going to be our precious little girl bringing in the mud.  Will I still be calling her precious at that moment? I have a feeling Cali is about to be put on the backburner soon as baby arrives so she should deserve her last few months in the spotlight.  The temps have been close to 90 here this week and the dog was a little hot after her run with Tim. I had the slider open all day enjoying the weather and Cali loved coming and going as she pleased. I was wrong to think she wouldn’t head straight to the “mud bath” in the backyard to cool off a bit. The funny thing was that I was sitting at the barstool with my back to her grading papers the whole time she was in the house, completely destroying my tile. I turned around eventually to a little shock. I just can’t believe she didn’t go for the white carpet 3 feet away. That’s probably the only reason I am recounting this as somewhat humorous.