I am only working 1 day this week. Yes, 1 day! My 5th graders are at outdoor camp this week without me. While I am completely relieved that I am not hiking up muddy mountainsides, performing tick checks throughout the day, and sleeping on a cot, it is hard to let go and watch my aide take over those 35 kids that have been my responsibility this school year. It is a little unreal that after 8 straight years of outdoor camp, this year while my students are on their first morning hike, I am sitting in a recliner watching the Today show! I am blessed that my boss has given me the time off, and that I have such a wonderful aide that volunteered to go in my place. Times are changing. Most of you are thinking that this whole recliner business sounds amazing right now to you and that I should just soak it up now because once the baby arrives I am going to wish I had reveled in this business a little more. Yes, I know you are right, but this bizarre transition of going full speed each and every day being morphed into a slow motion lifestyle will take some getting used to. After all the meaning of my name Debra is actually  “busy bee”.  I will admit, my teaching day has gotten pretty long these last few weeks (only 3 more weeks until maternity leave) but now even cleaning the house takes my breath away after simply vacuuming one room. So I am doing my best to follow doctor’s orders this week to stay off my feet. I just have to find the balance of having 4 amazing days off of work where the weather is supposed to reach 80 degrees to simply rest. I am really excited for this next chapter in my life, but slowing down is definitely going to take some getting used to. I have to learn to enjoy it, that’s all there is to it.