There is nothing like a little sun and sand on a Saturday to recharge you after a long week with the kids. It always seems like it takes so much work to get out of the house and head to the beach, but once you are there it never disapoints. After the peanut butter sandwiches, sand toys, and changes of clothes were packed, we rushed off because of course we only have a two hour window before someone needs to take a nap. Running in and out of the waves with Mia while Hope bounced along on my hip laughing hysterically was my highlight today. Tim was in charge of building/engineering sand castles as I kept pulling rocks and sand out of Hope’s mouth every five seconds. I must admit I long for the day when I can actually bring a lawn chair to the beach again and just relax while I watch the kids play. Those days will come, but for now I will enjoy these crazy, messy, full of life beach days.