I feel like we haven’t been up to a whole lot lately until I begin to scroll through the photos on my phone and realize the last few months have been busy. Hope is now 7 months old (time flies with baby # 2) She is sitting up on her own now and rolls to get to anything she pleases. Most often she ends up in the dog bed (which is totally gross because she rolls out covered in hair) I still cannot get her to eat solid foods. She has no desire but Mia thinks it is pretty cool to have her sit in her high chair at the dinner table. She still naps three times a day for 45 min at a time much to my dislike. So we spend most of our days at home. I feel like we are the napping house.
Mia has had a pretty big month as well. She is now potty trained! Praise the Lord! One day she decided it was time and she took off from there. Little Miss independent just about goes crazy when I ask her to use the potty 50 times a day. She has even started using her “I don’t have to go potty” phrase when I ask her to do completely unrelated things. Apparently she assumes that is the only thing that comes out of my mouth. She has also really taken to reading books. I feel like all we do some days is read books together while poor Hope rolls around on the floor with the dog.
We traveled a lot for Thanksgiving. First heading to Orange to be with Tim’s family. Mia had a blast with her favorite little cousin Jada. All of the siblings even got to go out to a gastropub while Grandma and Grandpa babysat. Then we drove all the way up north to drop the girls off with my parents while I surprised Tim with tickets to the Niners game for his 35th birthday.
As far as house building goes we are in a stand still jumping through hoops with Cal Fire and the city on regulations that need to be met and site work that needs to be done before we are given permits. It is a bit frustrating right now. I have already made many trips to Home Depot picking out various things. They just got brand new shopping carts that Mia is very fond of so that buys me a bit more shopping time.
We managed to get a small Christmas tree up (mostly for Mia’s sake) in our rental. All of our Christmas items are in storage so it has been hard bringing Christmas to our tiny rental. There really isn’t room for much else anyway but we found the stockings and called it good. It has definitely been an adjustment living here but we are trying to stay positive.