It is hard to believe it but we are officially SLO residents once again. Here we are in our rental (which is now completely moved into and might I add very full) Moving from 2700 square feet to 800 square feet proved a little tricky but we are making it work. This picture cracks me up because I am pretty sure I am going to be standing next to that wall heater all winter. I think I may have gotten a little too used to central heating. Our building plans are in the works. Tim is working countless hours every night after the girls go to bed designing our home and doing calcs to get us ready for the permit stage. We will be very excited to hand those plans over to the city soon. And Tim will be quite happy to gain a little more sleep. We have only been in SLO a week but I am loving it. Tim has been able to come home for lunch a few times this week (For this first time in 5 years) and it is so nice to see him earlier in the evenings after work. It is also nice to be so close to lots of activities for Mia. I did a lot of driving in Paso and don’t have to do nearly as much here. However, we are starting to miss our dear friends in Paso and Mia asks everyday if her buddies are coming over. We are hoping she will meet some new SLO kiddos soon because the girl is a little social butterfly always asking for friends to play with.