Life seems like it has been standing still for a little while since our house has been back on the market. I know it’s not standing still because all I have to do is look at “baby Hope” as she is affectionately called in our home, and realize that these long days have turned into months. Or better yet watch Mia pedal her tricycle around the block by herself or say prayers at the dinner table. When did she learn how to do that? We are in this holding period it seems until we sell the house. Waiting to know where we will call home for the next year, waiting to pack boxes upon boxes, waiting for the permit process to begin on building our dream home. Tim has completed our architectural plan for our new home so we are making progress. I have been going through boxes of trophies, old swimming medals, and high school uniforms purging like crazy. Mia thinks this is great fun. And I must admit its pretty cute to watch her try it all on. We have been showing our house to potential buyers quite a bit which is good but stressful at the same time. Keeping the house in perfect condition with a two year old, four month old, and a dog has turned into a full time job. It is amazing what needs to be picked up by 7:30 in the morning. We have been spending most mornings at the park lately to clear out of the house. Life is a bit crazy right now so I definitely have to remind myself to enjoy the day to day because the kids really are growing up.