I am not quite sure how to begin this post without cutting right to the chase…we are moving back to San Luis Obispo! I know, we are a little shocked ourselves. We have really liked living in Paso. Great community, great friends, great church, and great neighborhood. But we had to weigh all that against. 1. possibly living out one of our dreams and 2. no longer having Tim commute 45 minutes to work everyday. We have been talking loosely about wanting to be back in SLO by the time Mia would start Kindergarten (3years). Well all of a sudden that timeline went out the window when we came across 3.7 acres to build on. (Enter in Tim’s dream here) We found out just a few days ago that we did indeed get the land and just like that the for sale sign went up in our front yard. Of course now the fun begins as we first need to sell our home, look for a small rental to live in in SLO while our home is being built, and of course work on house plans. Most likely this process of building will take a couple years. It is all very fresh and still in the works but we are beyond excited and continue to pray that all the pieces in the puzzle come together.