This past weekend we packed up the mini van and headed to Visalia for my cousin Kathleen’s wedding. It was our first weekend away from home since Hope has been born. It was also our first hotel stay as a family of four. The wedding was beautiful. Kathleen was a gorgeous bride and Spencer is a great addition to the family. The wedding experience was definitely a different one bringing both the kids. Hope was strapped to me for the entire reception so we did a bunch of standing up, bouncing, rocking, etc. during dinner. I would say that Mia enjoyed herself the most throughout the evening running wild through the dance floor with her cousin, gulping down iced tea, eating cake pops, and staying up way past her bedtime. She took many liberties that evening. Unfortunately we had to put Mia to bed before the dancing began because it was “late”. I was worried about how we all would do in a hotel room with Hope waking up to feed all night. Hope actually did better than I expected. Mia was the one who woke up constantly and then was ready to start her day at 6am. Luckily we had a wonderful Father’s Day breakfast waiting for us that my mom made at my Aunt’s house, so we headed there early. We made one last stop at Superior Diary in Hanford for some ice cream on the way home. I think the sundae was devoured in less than 5 minutes, mostly because we were trying to keep up with Mia. I managed to remember to take a few pictures in the middle of it all. Whew! What a weekend