Our sweet little Hope was born on May 6th at 12:59 am. (I thought for sure we were going to have a Cinco de Mayo baby) She was 7 pounds 7 ounces and 19 and a half inches long. I really wanted my doctor to deliver this baby but I am now 0 for 2 in that department as he was not on call again. Instead Dr. Monroy delivered Hope and I couldn’t have been happier. I have taught two of Dr. Monroy’s children over the years and so there was such a sense of trust and calmness in the delivery room that it put me at ease. (Still a little awkward to go from parent-teacher conference relationship to delivering your child, but oh well) Hope’s birth story couldn’t be farther from Mia’s story. I couldn’t believe Hope was born in just 7 hours of labor compared to Mia’s 42 hrs. On Sunday afternoon my tile floors needed mopping, the carpet vacuumed, and the furniture dusted, so I went on a whirlwind cleaning frenzy and just as I was finishing up I bent over to put away the mop and my water broke! I wasn’t having any contractions yet but I called the doctor about 2 hrs later and he told me I should probably head to the hospital. We tucked Mia into bed and headed to the hospital close to 8 pm. Upon arriving I was the only patient at French! I couldn’t believe it! With Mia I was shoved in a cubby of a room for quite a few days because they were so full. I had absolutely fabulous attention from the nurses. (Because they were pretty much twiddling their thumbs) I labored for a few hours and finally decided that at 4 cm dilated I couldn’t take it anymore and needed that epidural. By the time I had the epidural and it kicked in I was already at 8 cm! Things were progressing quickly. The nurse then told me to rest for a few hours until baby was ready to come. Well the nurse came back in 15 min later and basically told me not to cough this baby was coming now! She called Dr. Monroy quickly and Hope was born after only 3 pushes. I was so dreading the pushing part again as I pushed for 2 and a half hours with Mia. I think I am still in shock at how different this labor was. I didn’t think it was possible. Hope did need a little help upon entering the world as the respiratory therapists worked on her for a while trying to get the meconium out of her lungs. The chord was also wrapped around her neck again (just as Mia’s was) She was finally able to be put on my chest after that and my worries were over. I do think she looks exactly like Mia when Mia was born. The only difference is that Hope’s body hair is all blonde as well as her eyelashes. Maybe I will get my blonde little baby girl after all if all that dark hair falls out. We were able to check out of the hospital less than 24 hrs after the birth and were very excited about that.
Mia loved seeing her baby sister and calls her “Hope baby” Her favorite thing is giving her kisses and saying “ewww” everytime she helps us change a diaper. She is starting to have some jealousy issues though and I don’t forsee those going away anytime soon. Since Hope has been home she has slept, and slept, and slept. Although not at night! We are pretty tired around here. She is having some issues wanting to be awake to eat so she is making me jump through some hoops to make breastfeeding successful. We are hoping that she will start to eat more during her feedings. She is such a petite thing, I am definitely not used to tiny little cuddly babies. Mia was the complete opposite at birth.