We have been playing the waiting game around here lately and it is starting to get old. This second pregnancy has been tough. I am not sure why but apparently I fared better in the first pregnancy teaching full time and keeping track of 35 fifth graders than the second pregnancy of running around all day with our almost 2 year old. My official due date is next Tuesday, May 7th. I was eight days late with Mia so I am not banking on baby arriving early, but I can always hope. At this point I feel like I will actually sleep better when baby arrives and we all know that is not true. The latest doctor update is that I am 1 cm dilated. I just keep thinking about how I was already in the hospital the last time that I was only 1 cm dilated, hooked up to the stress test machine. So I am thankful that I am still at home. I have been having contractions every night this week and at this point I am welcoming them.
So here is a picture of baby’s room while we wait for more exciting pictures of the actual baby. I keep telling Tim how lucky he is that I am saving him so much money by not having to decorate a boy’s room because I just used everything from Mia’s baby room décor and stuck it in the baby’s room. But in truth we both know that these girls are going to cost us a pretty penny by the end. My only new additions to the room were the paper globes above the crib and the pink stripe on the wall. And for those of you wondering about her name, we have decided to be “those people” and keep it a secret until her birth. It’s probably a good thing she hasn’t been born yet because we changed our mind on her name just last week.