Winter in Cali may not be as bad as most parts of the country, but I’m finding out there are parts that are plenty cold! Just spent the weekend in good old Yucca Valley camping with my bro and dad. It’s a little strange camping a mile from the house you grew up in, but when you grew up in the boondocks I guess maybe it’s not as odd. Frosty nights and highs around fifty. Apparently if we were a day earlier we would have been snowed on, but as it was we got to see patches on the more sheltered slopes while we were there. Spent a whole day lounging about the campsite shooting guns… and never saw a soul. The desert is a great place to get away and experience God’s creation. My two favorite parts of the desert are the clear starry nights, and the crisp sunrises, and we experienced both on this trip! Pictures don’t do it justice, go see it for yourself!