A while back a friend showed me an extremely creative DIY kitchen set on pinterest and I immediately decided that I needed to recreate it myself. The first task was to search for a free entertainment center on Craigslist. The key word here being FREE. I was actually pretty suprised to find the exact thing I was looking for the next day. So I made Tim haul a huge piece of furniture into our garage. Tim cringed of course as he was right in the middle of his diligent “garage cleaning out” phase. And then it sat….until we finally got around to starting our project a few months later.

The first step was taking off the doors and sanding the entire thing so we could paint it. I am proud to say I accomplished this step all by myself!

But then it was time for some muscle and I kindly let Tim step in with the tools.

We went to our local paint store and found the gray paint we wanted for only $1. So many paint stores have tons of paint in the back all priced at $1.

We brought it into Mia’s room unfinished because it was just too darn hot to work on it in the garage. She was impressed. Especially with how large her refridgerator is.

Next it was time for the little details that make it oh so fun to play with. We bought an oversized calculator at the dollar store and used the buttons for the microwave. We went to the Habitat for Humanity Restore and found the dials for the stove as well as the fridge racks and the kitchen sink faucet for only $12. We took the lids off of old quarts of paint samples that we had in the garage and spray painted them red for the stove top burners. Sidenote: Tim was blowing off sawdust after screwing in the paint lids and Mia assumed that meant they were hot. Now every time she approaches the stove burners she blows on them first. The fridge needed some type of magnetic surface so we bought sheets of galvanized steel at Home Depot for $1 and framed it out with an old frame from the thrift store. My splurge was on the curtain. I went to my favorite fabric store Birch downtown and spent $5 on cute kitchen themed fabric. So many months later we have a finished product.