The blog has indeed been a bit neglected lately and I can’t say that we have been particularly busy. I will make the excuse that we have been switching around rooms in the house again to make room for baby #2 and we haven’t had internet for a few weeks. But thanks to Tim and the fact that he rewired the whole house we are blogging again. I will also say that I have been on the couch a lot lately. Once again I will blame it on baby #2 depleting me of all energy, although I will say Mia has a part to play in that as well. The girl never stops moving! So in between my days on the couch and keeping an 18 month old occupied we managed to sneak in a trip to San Francicso (yes, another home exchange) oh and I am finally getting around to Halloween pictures as well. Enjoy!

Mia was Minnie Mouse this year although she wouldn’t humor me for 2 seconds and put the adorable mouse ears on.

Ready to head downtown to trick or treat

Mia’s trick or treat buddies

The San Francisco Zoo and a shot of Mia’s swollen bloody lip (which we are blaming on Dad)

We did see actually grizzly bears but Mia was more impressed with the fake one.

Our home exchange in SF. Great place to stay for the weekend.

Mia’s daredevil moves on the swings. She has given up swinging normally.

SF has great neighborhood parks. I was most excited about the fake lawn so I didn’t have to worry about sand everywhere.

And who wouldn’t mind taking their kid to the park looking at this view of the city?

A beautiful day at Crissy Field.