Hi friends! It has been awhile. I can’t say that we have been very busy lately, but since I went back to teaching a little life has picked up and my energy levels have done the opposite of “picking up”. We took Mia out to the pumpkin patch this weekend. This has been our second year visiting San Marcos Ranch and we just love it out there. It is so funny how I look back on last year as we toted Mia out to the pumpkin patch (5 months old) in her overstuffed cow costume and I had it in my mind that we had to get the perfect picture with all the pumpkins. It was quite the ordeal and let’s just say we were all a little tense. What a difference a year makes, because this year we had absolutely no expectations, and I certainly wasn’t hellbent on getting the perfect family picture, let alone any family picture. We did manage to get some great pictures this year, and I am pretty sure we all left happier.

Picking out her pumpkin

Feeding the incredibly sweet donkey. She practically had her entire hand in the donkey’s mouth at one point.

Yea! Family picture

They had three different bounce houses that Mia just loved!

She hugged her pumpkin the whole way home. She also put some good teeth marks in it.