I am pretty sure I woke up this morning thinking about which fair treat I would go for this year. We missed the Midstate Fair last year because Mia was just too young and I probably wasn’t even brave enough to go out of the house with her yet. So we settled on sitting in the backyard every night and just listened to the concerts. I love that we live close enough to the fairgrounds to do that. This year we are not going to miss out on the festivities. We already have tickets in hand to The Zac Brown Band and Brad Paisley.  Every year the cattle drive through downtown kicks off the midstate fair. It travels right through our neighborhood. Such a fun tradition! All the little neighborhood kids get dressed up in their cowboy boots and sit on the corner watching the cows and horses head down the street and into the fairgrounds. We even waved to one of my old fifth graders parading in a covered wagon as the beautiful fair princess. She is now 17 !

Leading the way

I grabbed Mia off the curb at this point just in case. Last year one of the cows escaped and caused quite a commotion

Enjoying the show