First let me start off with “What a week!” My sister was scheduled to have her second c section last week up north. I had anticipated traveling up north with Mia four or five days after the baby was born when my sister would be headed home. My sister delivered a little girl (Olivia Faith) and everything was going so smoothly until a few short hours later when my sister slipped unconcious and we almost lost her. I was really reminded about the fragility of life and God’s amazing power to work through doctors as our whole family went through something we never even imagined. Turns out my sister had started hemorraging after the birth so she was rushed back in the operating room while they went back in to figure out where all the bleeding was coming from. After realizing it wasn’t from the c section the doctors had to work quickly to staple her back up and look elsewhere. They finally realized that she had a cervical tear. Something that was very unheard of. To make a long story short my sister received quite a bit of blood and is recovering quite well now. So I decided to head up to see her the next morning with Mia in tow. We were going to attempt to help my mom take care of little Rudy for the next five days until my sister could recover. Let me tell you, going from having 1 kid to 2 kids overnight was exhausting! Of course Mia got sick halfway through the week (high fever, throwing up, and rash) so that didn’t help. I do know that Rudy and Mia both had a good time together as always. Mia always learns so much from Rudy whenever she spends time with him. He taught her how to blow bubbles and color this time around. She in turn showed Rudy some more of her wrestling skills. She is quite good at the take down. It starts with what appears to be an innocent hug and we all think it is so cute until you realize she is just trying to get her arms wrapped around Rudy’s waist to knock him to the ground. Hopefully she will outgrow that and just start giving hugs. It was all fine and good until Rudy decided he would attempt to give Mia a hug in the same loving fashion. (You can see that in the video)