Mia is turning into quite the animal lover, and so Tim and I thought it was time we introduced her to the zoo. We took her to the little Charles Paddock Zoo in Atascadero. It is about 15 min from our house and let’s just say we weren’t expecting much. They did have a few monkeys, some flamingos, meer cats, birds, and shockingly a tiger. Tim and I were both surprised to see a tiger pacing back and forth in its cage right up front along the netting.  Very majestic and way creepy! Standing two feet from a tiger can be humbling. Mia could have cared less about the tiger but kept wanting to go back to the squaking birds and get into the water with the flamingos. She kept signing “more” around the flamingos and I realized finally that she wanted to join them in the water. It was pretty cute to watch her roam around and look under the fencing at the animals. When we got to the turkeys she would crouch down real close and kept pointing at them, shaking her head, and telling them no. Don’t know what that was all about. I’m sure we will go back to pass the time one of these afternoons.

Trying to get into the flamingo enclosure

No turkeys!

Mia's favorite

Mia’s favorite (the loud squaking bird)