I have had this itch lately to redo a few things in the house.  I love changing things up in the house because it makes me get that wonderful feeling like we just moved in again and things are fresh and new. And it fulfils my passion for decorating. I felt like we weren’t utilizing our space well in the house and was also having a hard time with playtoys galore as people entered our home.

First I decided to address the major dead space that was our formal dining room. We never eat in there unless we have a lot of people over. Basically we walked by that room every day and I constantly dusted the furniture in it. So I swapped out the dining room for Mia’s playroom. This actually solved my problem of the playroom (toys galore) as the first thing people see when they enter our house. I realized that I never had a good “before” picture of the playroom. But you can tell from the picture that it was pretty much toys scattered all over the floor most of the time.

So now you don’t have to look at any toys when you enter and can enjoy the dining space better. So much more functional. We still need to switch the chandelier into this room and put a ceiling fan into the old dining room.

The next project was the living room. I never could figure out what to do with the wall decor in our living room because when we bought our new L shaped couch years ago the shelf remained centered on the large wall. The lamp also threw me off with where to hang pictures. So we completely moved the couch and got rid of the lamp table altogether. I have always loved the big picture window in our living room but we could never open the shutters with the couch in front of them. So I took the sitting chairs from Mia’s playroom and created a sitting area in front of the window. Now I absolutely love our view into the backyard.

I have seen frames rearranged on walls in many magazines for years and didn’t think it would be that hard to do. But it was hard! I think it was hard because I am too much of a color in between the lines type of girl. I really struggled with placement until Tim came in the room and rearranged them for me in a matter of minutes. It was fun looking for frames at thrift stores. I never spent more than $1 on any given frame. A little bit of spray paint and distressing and I was good to go.