We had a really fun and low key 4th this year. Ever since we have moved to Paso the weather has been surprisingly cool on the 4th of July. So this year the firepit came in really handy as we watched the city firework show from our backyard. We started the day by decking Mia out in her red, white, and blue attire (she had three different outfits on during the day) It is so fun to dress little girls up on the 4th of July. Then of course it was already nap time, followed by a little swim time in the backyard, then nap time again. We headed out to Templeton with the Whitacres to play a little croquet (Which of course Debra won) and bbq. Jude gave Mia some great lessons when it came to introducing Mia to the game of croquet. She picked it right up. Then it was back to our house to roast marshmallows, play bocce ball (Debra dominated again) and watch the fireworks. You could probably tell I am slightly competitive when it comes to games. I wonder if Mia will get any of that in her. Tim always says never to challenge a Richards in a lawn sport or raquet sport. I have to admit it is true. We grew up constantly playing every single lawn sport or raquet sport known to mankind for hours on end in the backyard, especially on holidays. I loved that tradition and hope to continue it.