Mia has been playing in her room by herself a lot lately.  Definitely a new found freedom we are all enjoying, especially when I attempt to get anything done. She is always very quiet when she plays by herself. Most times I feel bad that she has been in her room upwards of 15 minutes and decide to at least turn on the radio for her. Because she is so quiet I often make trips down the hall to see what she is up to and make sure she is ok. Today when I walked down the hall I found her completely inside her book basket unable to escape. She was grunting and attempting to free herself.

This is what I found when I walked into her bedroom

When she was freed, she kept wanting to get back in the basket no matter how painful it was. The look on her face in the following pictures is one of pain (sometimes mistaken for an awkward smile). Speaking of awkward smile, we are patiently waiting for her other front tooth to make its appearance. She already has two molars, but no front tooth. Every tooth has developed on the right side of her mouth only. I think we better start saving for braces now.

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