It is starting to get hot here in Paso and I am doing my best to try and keep the flowers and garden from wilting away. Mia is at a fun age where we can enjoy being outside. I no longer have to worry about her scraping her knees up from crawling on the concrete. She really doesn’t put random pieces of bark and rocks in her mouth anymore. And she finally understands the concept of just looking at the flowers and not picking all the blooms off. Sometimes she can actually be a good helper.

The garden is starting to take off. We pretty much planted everything that grows in the summertime and even got all the herbs in there. I have always thought gardens with flowers in them are so pretty, so I finally got my act together this season and planted flowers in each of the beds. It actually makes me want to tend to the garden more knowing that there are flowers in it. And Mia is obsessed with blooming flowers at this point so she enjoys the garden much more as well.

The garden is taking off