Now that Mia is one I thought it was rightfully fitting that she had her own purse to carry around. Of course the Goodwill does not dissapoint and 75 cents later, the girl was full of smiles. She walks around the house all day looking for things to put in her purse. It is extra cool because it has velcro used to open and close the purse which is pretty much amazing to Mia in this stage of life. I thought it was pretty hilarious one day when I asked Mia what was in her purse and she pulled out her gun. (The bubble gun that is) The girl was packing some heat. Cracked me up. I don’t know how long the purse will stick around though because her wrestling skills are improving and that still seems to be her favorite activity to date.

Love that the dog is being used as her personal assistant to “hold” her purse.