It was time. Mia’s hair was getting in her eyes and the mullet was starting to take full shape. So we took her to Kids Cuts to get her first haircut. We were very impressed that she sat there the entire time and did not try to get out of the chair. She knew she was the center of attention and was loving it. The lady told me she could make a cute bob style with her hair and just trim it up a little bit. Let’s just say I should have spoken up when the lady brought out the buzz clippers but I was too busy entertaining Mia to realize how much she was “trimming”. It is now extremely short in the back! Mia finally broke down in the end and started crying when she couldn’t take the buzzer anymore. You could really tell she was trying to hold back the tears during the process and did a great job. Tim and I are just both hoping it will grow fast. Poor thing….(I did not include any pictures of the back of her hair yet, couldn’t quite bring myself to actually take any yet)