I had a great first Mother’s Day. I mean how awesome is it that I now get to be celebrated on Mother’s Day! Kind of felt like my birthday. We went out to Halter Ranch for winetasting and then to Kai Lana for dinner. I knew I wanted to go out and enjoy a winery for the afternoon but I had to be strategic about it and find one that had a huge grass area for Mia to roam and not bother anyone. Kai Lana is our favorite Sushi restaurant in Atascadero. We have literally only been out to dinner with Mia twice in this whole first year (shows you we need to get out a bit more) so of course dinner was a very quick affair as we entertained her while simultaneously shoveled down our food.

Apparently their lawn was greener and more plush than our backyard because the minute Mia got there she just layed down in it.

Mia was not real cooperative during our attempted photo shoot