We decided to be adventurous this weekend and take Mia on her first camping trip to Morro Bay. We went with quite a few families to celebrate Ryan and Camille’s birthdays. We were so lucky to be able to borrow a friend’s tent trailer for the weekend. We set out on Friday with intentions of making it until Sunday, but we only lasted until Sat. evening and then headed home. And that was the beauty of camping only half an hour away. Mia was having a hard time with teething and of course she came down with a cold on Saturday. We had a good time, but I was so relieved to give that girl a bath once we got home.

Birthday girl

Waiting for dinner

Pretty much sums up the weekend. Dirt and snot!

Thanks to Eli for letting us borrow his warm “masculine” camo jacket

Mia thought she was hot stuff sitting in a “big girl” camping chair

Story time with Josiah Hayes.

Making friends

Hike up Black Hill