We traveled to Orange County this weekend to visit the Romanos. It was actually supposed to be our “Easter celebration” since we did not get to spend Easter with the Romano side. We don’t head down south often. Mia tolerates, but of course does not enjoy the four hour car ride. She sleeps at the most 30 min in the car. And with four new teeth this weekend she was in a little pain. But once we got to Grammy’s house it was all fun. It was so fun to see David (Tim’s brother) and his wife Sara. They live in Arizona but will be moving back to California soon. It had been too many months since we had seen them last. Charity (Tim’s sister) also flew in from up North. It is rare to get all the siblings together. Mia also got to meet lots of other relatives as well including her Great Grandpa and Great Grandma (whom she received her middle name, Grace, after).

Loving Aunt Charity

Enjoying some hammock time

Mia with cousin Jada

The siblings

All three generations

The girls

Uncle David and Aunt Sara. Sara is due in September!

Enjoying time with Uncle David. Probably because he looks so much like Daddy.