We have been busy around the house lately. That is busy chasing Mia from room to room. Her energy levels lately have me going in circles tidying up behind her as she tears through one room after another. She constantly wants us to chase her and giggles the entire way down the hall, especially when Dad is on the floor with her. The kitchen cabinets are no longer safe. Tim has now installed safety latches on every single one. That is going to take some getting used to as I am constantly stopped in my tracks every time I attempt to open a seemingly easy cabinet door.

We had some warm weather last week (95 degrees) so she enjoyed lots of time in her blow up pool. She saw it through the window today and tried to urge me to let her go in again even though it was raining. I have to keep it out of sight.

She is in love with her baby doll and constantly tries to feed her bottle to the baby or her sippy cup, or anything else nearby. Stuffed animals come in a close second. I am also quite proud of the fact that I can get her hair in pig tails now! But it is definitely a process to hold her down to accomplish the task.

Within the last few weeks she has become obsessed with the camera. She wants me to take pictures of her and then looks at the back of the camera screen to see her picture and starts laughing hysterically. I had no idea a 10 and a half month old could be such a ham for a camera. She is learning the word cheese and makes the goofiest face whenever we say it for the camera.

We also scored some great little trikes at a yard sale this weekend for $2 and she has wheeled them all over the house while laughing. It is amazing to see how constantly full of life and happy she is. The only thing that makes her cry are strangers. We are working on her separation anxiety but I think that will be a long road.