Tim and I enjoyed some freedom this weekend as we left Mia at home with Grandma and drove to Carpinteria for Cody and Alex’s wedding. Cody and I have been friends since college and it was so fun to get together with all the girls and celebrate. Their wedding was at the Rincon Gardens Beach Club and was just beautiful.  Anytime I get to spend with the girls from college is a good time. We are basically all teachers and took every single class together in college for four years.  There must be 10 kids now between all of us, although most of us were lucky to leave them at home for a short while.  I love that we can just reconnect so quickly after not seeing eachother for quite a while (especially when there is dancing involved).  It is too bad that we are scattered all over the state and don’t get to see eachother often, but when we do I am sure you can hear our laughter from quite a distance.

Jess, Robb, and Riley were able to stop by on their way down for a visit and a chance for Riley to meet Mia.

Tim and I spent some time at the beach before the wedding.

The beautiful bride and her dad

Dance party!

We were able to stay with Tim's college buddy RJ and his wife Anna. Their "little" boy turned three the day we were there so we got to celebrate! I am thinking Landon looks a little bit more like my child in this picture than Mia ever will!

Out to breakfast with the birthday boy