We had a fabulous Easter weekend in San Juan Bautista with the Richards. The weather was absolutely beautiful so we spent the entire weekend outdoors which was a big hit for Mia and Cousin Rudy. Mia received her first Easter basket that included her first baby doll. She has been obsessed with babies lately in photos so this was the perfect age for Grandma to spoil her with her first doll. By the end of the weekend Mia successfully figured out how to open all the plastic eggs and eat the treats inside. (The treats being Cheerios and Bunny crackers) I kind of went crazy with pictures this weekend so here goes…

Waiting for Tim to get off work so we could head out of town on Friday.

Mia wore her bunny ears all weekend and never tried to pull them off once. I couldn't believe it!

Discovering Rudy's car and not wanting to get out of it all weekend

Cousin Rudy (You can never get a smile for the camera out of this kid)

Attempting to share. Rudy is not too sure he likes company in his car.

Mia attempting to shove herself in the car with Rudy

Absolutely exhausted after playing nonstop!

New day, back to playing

Opening her Easter basket and discovering her new baby doll

Completely exhausted again but not letting go of her new doll

Still dying eggs....25 years later...thanks for not letting the tradition go Mom!

Hiding the eggs in the backyard

Not a bad setting to have an egg hunt

Rudy would only hunt eggs with Aunt Debra as long as she was holding the basket for him. What a stinker!

The Lopez family. Deanna is due with baby girl in July.