Mia has never been the cuddly baby and won’t sit still in your arms for one second, but recently I figured out the trick to just get her to snuggle up to me for two seconds. That trick is her sleepsack. On a recent long car trip I just discovered that her sleepsack is her absolute comfort. She does not fall asleep in her carseat and usually comlplains until we can get her to a crib. But the second I put her sleepsack on her she instantly puts her thumb in her mouth and enjoys the ride in comfort (don’t get me wrong she won’t fall asleep but she doesn’t complain). The funny thing is that I have no way of zipping her up in the sack while we are driving so if any little corner is touching her head or even an arm she is happy. It kind of cracks me up because even if she is not tired and I put the sleepsack on her she will cuddle up to it, close her eyes, and suck her thumb. Talk about a sleep cue. So this morning I was back and forth trying to get things done when I spied in on her in her bedroom trying to get her sleepsack out of her crib to cuddle with. She succeeded and practically fell asleep sitting up outside of her crib.