Tim and I just celebrated our four year anniversary this last week. (March 15th) We were able to get out of town for the night while my mom stayed with Mia. It was our first night away from Mia. She did wonderful with grandma! Might have to go on a few more trips in the near future. We decided to stay in Cambria for the night. I figured a half hour away from home was a good enough distance for me to leave Mia for our first night. And yes, I did shed a tear as we walked out the door. However, not five minutes down the road, it was pure freedom. We stopped at a winery on our way out of town and then headed to the Cambria Pines Lodge. Despite the rainy week, we had great weather for the few short hours we were there. Tim and I kept talking about how great it was to be away and we couldn’t figure out why we have never traveled anywhere for an anniversary yet. Then I remembered that for the first three years of marriage I have spent our anniversary at camp with 5th graders, so we were never able to do anything on our actual anniversary.

The first picture is in front of the Donati Family Winery. And the second is along the 46 driving to Cambria. It is so great celebrating an anniversary this time of year because the hills are so green.

The gardens are so beautiful at the lodge. We had fun walking through all of them. We ate dinner at this outdoor table later on in the evening. Gotta love it when the filet mignon comes with your hotel stay! We scored a great deal.

We spent the afternoon strolling around all the quirky shops downtown.

We discovered a new trail just south of Moonstone Beach. It is called the Bluff Trail on the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve. It was such a beautiful hike along the ocean, kind of made me feel like I was back at outdoor camp with the kids…kind of.