This past month Mia has been very busy exploring her world. I have seen the most growth in her so far this month, and I am sure that things will only speed up from here. Mia actually began crawling the day she turned eight months. That was enjoyable for her for about a week and now she has taken to standing up to everything she can get her hands on. Once she discovered that she could stand up to the furniture she started to take steps behind her walker. She is quite fast with her walker now, and if she has her mind set on something (or dad is chasing her) she will speed crawl to it in no time. So Tim and I have been trying to figure out new things for her to keep her occupied. We built her a sandbox in the backyard this month. She loves playing with her shovels and bucket in the sand. It occupies her for a good thirty minutes before she wants to start pulling the vegetables up out of the garden. She has started to become really good at listening to me tell her not to put things in her mouth. I can’t beleive she actually listens! When I tell her no, she will bring the object down from her mouth and move on. I was getting concerned last week that she was not responding to any threats from me as I would give her my best teacher look and within seconds she would be laughing. Nobody ever laughs at my teacher look! 5th graders feared that look for years and now she laughs at it! So I regained a little dignity this week as she starting listening to my commands. On another note, Mia has become nearly impossible on the changing table wriggling this way and that. It takes major patience to change her diaper and clothes. Her strong will definitely comes out on the changing table usually resulting in tears. She now knows how to wave goodbye, except it is slightly delayed and whoever is saying goodbye and waving to Mia has usually walked out the door before Mia gets to her wave and words “bye, bye.” She also says “ma ma” and “da da” but usually just as she is wandering through the house playing with her toys. Her favorite thing continues to be dancing as she hears her favorite songs on the cd player and begins shaking her heard and babbling the words. Sometimes I even catch her singing in her crib when no music is around. Here are a few pictures of her most favorite things at the moment.

Answering the phone and talking into it is something she just figured out this week.

Mia no longer enjoys being in her bouncer but she loves standing up next to it to play.

Playing on the excercise ball is really fun because she can climb it.

Mia is really starting to enjoy solid foods. We have had some allergy problems that we are trying to sort through. Right now the allergy appears to be dairy and oatmeal. Hopefully it is just an intolerance and she will grow out of it.

And of course, here she is enjoying her sandbox.