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We have been enjoying some beautiful weather the last two days. It is so nice to get out of the house and let Mia explore. I took her to the beach for the first time. She of course had a blast. She loved the sand. I was really worried that she would attempt to eat it the entire time we were there but she did great. It is funny because when packing for the beach I entertained the thought of packing a magazine. I never did, and once I got there I realized it would be many years before I would ever have the luxury of packing a magazine. I laugh at my naiive thoughts of actually packing a magazine. Mia was on the move the entire time. She would have crawled right into the ocean if I had let her. The only thing she actually put in her mouth were a few rocks she found. Overall she was very clean. She eased me into beach life with a kid quite nicely. I did cringe a few times when she threw the sand up in her eyes and everywhere else. I just kept telling myself, it’s ok she is having a blast. The beach will no longer be a clean affair, well, at least not as clean as I used to like it to be. There is really no point in even bringing a blanket to sit on anymore. So we enjoyed the sand together.
Day number two of sunny days was enjoyed in our backyard this afternoon. I actually had to go buy her some shorts before our backyard adventure. Mia also loves grass. However, she eats grass. I have to keep a very close eye on her attempting to pick up every bit of leaf or debris on the lawn and put it in her mouth. I won’t tell you how close she came to exploring dog mess. Lesson learned. Her favorite thing in the backyard is also to climb the steps to our patio. Should have thought about that one before building the patio. Suddenly there are so many things in the backyard screaming out for Mia’s attention that we should have taken into consideration. For example, the granite rocks surrounding the patio that are perfect size for a little mouth. What is it with rocks? It is not a pleasant sound when you hear them grinding against her teeth. I was actually quite surprised that Mia scaled the steps on her first try with no help at all, only to want to do it over and over again. So once again, here is a plethora of pictures (mostly for the grandparents) to enjoy.