Mia has pretty much consumed the blog for the last 8 months and everytime I write another post I think, “Do we not have anything else going on in our lives.” She has consumed all of our time and most of the time I don’t think that is a bad thing. However, I am sure that there are some of our readers out there that would appreciate a more “manly” update on our blog. So I guess I will use this post to showcase some of Tim’s skills. This past weekend he built a pergola for the backyard. It was a pretty intense project with many hours in the garage cutting and painting the wood, not to mention hoisting beams up high with the help of my puny arms. We are both really excited about the way it turned out. When we redid our backyard a year ago we had been wanting to build a pergola all along. I think it really completes the patio (minus the firepit that still needs to go in). So it was fun to see that part of the backyard completed this weekend. Of course I could only help in the evening when Mia was alseep so we spent a few nights out in the dark with headlamps and down jackets adjusting beams and what not. Can’t wait for summer when we get to sit out on the patio and enjoy it.