We have been busy lately. Which is a good thing because I have been itching to go back to work and get out of the house recently. I am stuck in wanting both worlds of teaching and being at home to watch all of Mia’s firsts. Speaking of firsts, she is one week into crawling. She picked it up in no time and she is fast! I can no longer just plop her down anywhere because she is constantly on the move and therefore is needing constant supervision.  She has now figured out how to pull herself up onto the furniture to a standing position. I don’t think she will be walking anytime soon, but yikes! Lots of change in just a week.

Mia has also been loving the bathtub. She kicks and kicks constantly in the tub and completely exhausts herself. It is funny because whenever I need her to take an extra nap all I have to do is give her a bath and when she gets out she is yawning from exhaustion and is ready to nap. These bath pictures crack me up because  you can really see how much hair she is getting. It is coming in thick! You can also see the big red welts on her knees from crawling so much . The girl has only been crawling on carpet and her knees are spent… little Miss sensitive.

We celebrated my mom’s birthday this past weekend with just the girls (and Rudy) We made a fun trip into SLO. Mia thinks there is nothing better in this world than her big cousin.

Lastly, we threw a superbowl party on Sunday. I am not sure I saw more than two minutes of the game with about 10 kids under the age of five running all over the house. Oh how life has changed.