Mia has been incredibly proud of herself this week for learning how to sit up on her own. The only problem is that she is deciding to perfect this skill during naptime in her crib. Thank goodness I have a video monitor because the other day I thought I would check in on her through the monitor and much to my shock she was attempting to hoist herself out of her crib. Her chest was up and over the top railing. I ran into her room and of course when I get there she started laughing hysterically at me as I opened the door. Totally caught in the act. Unfortunately or fortunately I don’t a picture of her actually hoisting herself over the bars. I had to drop the camera at that point and intervene. So now every naptime is great fun until she falls backwards and hits her head on the bars. You notice I don’t have the crib bumper attached anymore. I couldn’t get her to stop pulling herself up on it for leverage to get up and over the crib. I think I might be in for it now that she is getting mobile.