I still can’t believe it is 70 degrees outside. Where is winter? Not that I mind. Today we spent the afternoon in the park teaching Mia the excitement of the swings. Remember when you were a kid and could swing really high? Now you can’t even get on a swing without feeling like it is some kind of roller coaster. What happened? So while I wait for winter to arrive I will keep walking the dog in my flip flops, taking Mia to the park, and making fruit salads to quench my desire for summer and everything that comes with it. I am sure by posting this I will totally jinx myself and it will start raining for the next two weeks.

It was so bright and sunny most of my pictures have sunspots on them. I still think they capture Mia’s sheer look of joy however.

Still learning exactly where to position her arms.

Not exactly thrilled that I made her stop for a picture.