The Romano house has been lively this week. And by lively I mean attempting to spoon feed Mia bananas and handfeed Cali the dog plain rice. Mia has had a rough week to say the least. The constipation issues she has been having are long gone after the laxative kicked in. And I mean long gone. We traveled down south this weekend to have Christmas with Tim’s family. I just have to say it but we all know that traveling and diahrrea don’t mix. The poor girl was up to her ears numerous times. So this week I was looking for new foods to help her get a bit more regular. I haven’t given her bananas yet and I thought it would be the perfect food to introduce. I also figured it would be super easy to just mash up a banana with a fork and feed it to her. Well, day one of bananas was a no go. She made the most horrific face I have ever seen and literally spit it back out. She has never spit food back out at me yet. So we get to day 2 of bananas and I am thinking maybe it is the texture she didn’t like because it wasn’t pureed like the rest of her vegetables had been. So now I can’t believe I am actually pureing her banana in the blender. After all the work of pureing bananas she was still not having it. I thought all kids liked bananas? Strange… Meanwhile the dog seems to be needing my attention as I look over and notice that she is quivering from head to toe. Weird… apparently she ate something poisonous in the backyard this afternoon. Sorry Cali, no time to tend to your ailments until Tim gets off work. So quivering turned into full body shaking and not eating for a day and a half. I am suggesting the vet at this point but Tim (who is in charge of the budget) says we should wait it out. I now find myself making brown rice on the stovetop for the dog to eat. I have it all ready on the plate and of course she won’t eat it. But, I find if I hand feed it to her she will eat it little by little. Sheesh! The next thing I know I will be pureeing the dog’s food. And that is the day to day business around here.