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Where has the time gone? I can’t believe Mia is 6 months already.  She is really starting to become active. She rolls all over the floor until she reaches whatever she sets her mind to touching. No crawling yet, which I know frustrates her most of the time. She doesn’t like to be held much anymore, just wants to wriggle out of your arms to see what is going on in front of her. Two bottom teeth adorn that pretty little smile of hers now and her too front teeth are starting to follow. If only she could get those for Christmas! Ha! She weighs 17 pounds 6 ounces and is the 75th percentile. She is 27 inches long and that puts her at the 77th percentile. The doctor said she is pretty boring on her percentiles. That is ok with me because lately she has been keeping me busy in other departments. She loves solid foods. She is now eating carrots, green beans, squash, sweet potatoes, peas, and prunes. Lots of prunes! We’ve had major digestion issues lately. Hmmm wonder who she gets those from? She now takes Miralax (laxative) in her morning bottle. When a doctor prescribed her an adult laxative once a day I should have known things would start to happen. Oh man, diaper changes are out of control.  She has also been keeping us busy at 2 in the morning this week. We are hoping it is her teeth that are bugging her or just a growth spurt because we were really getting used to the 12 hr nights of solid rest for the last four months. Mia has many loves. She loves the dog. If she is having a hard day and nobody can get her to smile all I have to do is sit her up in front of the dog and she will start to laugh immediately. She also loves when her dad comes home from work. He walks in the door and she immediately gets a huge grin on her face. Other than that she loves to be outdoors. Shopping trips are a favorite. I can put her in the stroller and head out to the Target and I swear she would be content forever.

We hope you enjoy the pictures. They were taken by our friend Ashley. Of course we couldn’t get her to crack a smile for the majority of the pictures. However, the second we got in the car, strapped her in her carseat, and headed home, she gave me one look and began to laugh hysterically. Go figure!