Tim turns 33 on Tuesday and this year (like every year) he wanted a party. We really hadn’t had a gathering at our home since Mia was born, so it was time. Tim had to keep reminding me that this was not a holiday party, but a birthday party as I kept pulling out all my Christmas platters for food. With the tree in the entry room this year, the decor for the party was inevitably festive. Made me start to wonder why we have never thrown a Christmas party. Oh right, because I am always throwing Tim birthday parties this time of year. We decided to do a blind red wine tasting this year and then just make tons of food and dessert. It was a really fun evening.

I had been wanting to try making cake pops for a while. I just anticipated it being one of those internet ideas gone wrong again, but they were surprisingly easy to make, just extremely time consuming.

Mia enjoyed about 15 minutes of the party chatting up the guests in the conversation chairs until it was time for bed. Little did we know she was going to wake up at 4:30 in the morning that morning and cry until 6. Of all the nights…. I am not sure what is up with her right now, she has slept 12 hrs a night uninterrupted for the last 4 months and the last two nights she has woken up screaming. We are all losing some serious sleep in this household!

And just for good measure, here are some pictures of us decorating the tree. It was the first year I sent Tim out by himself to find the tree, and it will be the last year that it will be safe from little fingers trying to bring it down. It is hard to tell but the picture of me with the ornament has a funny story behind it. If you look closely the ornament says OMS (Old Mission School ) MOM. A kid gave it to me about 6 years ago from the little Christmas boutique at school. I cracked up at the time because it said OMS MOM. Finally this year as I put it on the tree… the shoe fit!