We had a great Thanksgiving with so much to be truly thankful for. Mia made her first road trip as we packed the car and headed for Orange County to visit the Romanos. Tim took the entire week off of work so we would have plenty of time to spend with family. I’d say we spent about 20+ hours in the car over the week. We were even able to drive out to Arizona to visit Tim’s grandmother for a couple of days. Mia was definitely a trooper. Thanksgiving was really special this year because we received amazing news that Tim’s mom’s cancer had been eradicated from her bone marrow after three chemo treatments! What a miracle! We are continuing to pray for her full recovery and praising God!

Eating carrots at a rest stop in the middle of nowhere

Somewhere along Hwy 40 in the middle of the desert

Meeting great grandma Romano in Arizona for the first time

Celebrating Charity's birthday

Discovering herself in the mirror for the first time


Fist bumps to the mirror!


Loving Grandpa Romano


Beautiful new Christmas dress made by Grammy



Wanting to use poor Aven as a teething toy
Back at home and finally able to wear Christmas pjs since Thanksgiving is over
Loving her bouncer after missing it for a week

Couldn't wait to hang the stockings.