Lately I have been inspired by a lot of internet ideas. The other day I was all set to make lasagna for dinner and was perusing the internet while Mia was sleeping just before setting out to make that lasagna when I came across lasagna cups. A much “cuter” form of lasagna. Brilliant! I am all about “cuter forms” of the old day to day.

Don’t these look fun to make? A twist on boring, old lasagna. The wise ones right now are thinking, “that looks like work, why not just make a lasagna.” Where were you when I needed you wise ones? So I proceed, as I read the directions on how to cut parchment paper squares, layer these bad boys by cutting little squares of the noodle, etc. After reading the directions 5 times and finally feeling ready to head to the kitchen, I was feeling pretty good. Here is the website if you are interested.

About 20 minutes in, it all went south. There is no way that parchment paper was ever made to stay put in the bottom of a cupcake tin. Yes, the directions did warn me it might be difficult, but not to worry once you put the noodle on top it will be fine. Wrong! I went to Plan B: lather the cupcake tin in cooking spray. (Way easier) Why did I waste my time cutting parchment paper squares? The layering was a bit of a pain especially since so much time had passed that Mia was now on my hip and no longer sleeping. I also had a weird suspicion that the noodles would turn out tasting rubbery since they were not covered and just left to cook in the oven. Suspicion confirmed! We could hardly chew the noodle part. Here is how mine turned out.

They really don’t look that bad. Definitely not close to the internet picture of “cuteness” though. Lesson learned though. Stick to the tried and true. At least in this case.

I came across this picture on the internet and thought it pretty much summed up this blog post. Hilarious!