We recently tore down an old fence and as the boards were literally in the bed of the truck  ready to haul to the dump, I decided that I couldn’t let them go to waste. I was feeling crafty. So they were dragged back into the garage. My thoughts were paint and mason jars. I did a lot of “idea searching” on pinterest. If you haven’t discovered this website, watch out you will get sucked in for hours. I went to home depot and asked for mismatched paint. I heard that they will sell it to you for cheap. Apparently they used to sell if for cheap until they came out with sample sizes of any color you want for $3.  Needless to say, the paint guy told me no the first time. Then I came back ten minutes later and politely asked again. I mean what are they going to do with all the buckets of wasted paint behind the counter? My charm totally worked. I scored a whole bunch of blue paint. He pretty much cringed at what he was doing when he slapped the reduced $2 sticker on the can. The whole thing was very hush hush and I was gone. Success! The only other things I needed were mason jars and plant hangers. The whole project cost me about $15.  
Here is the old fence just waiting for some paint.
Here is the the finished product. I am excited to change out the contents of the mason jars with the seasons. (sand, candles, etc.)
The hummingbird was a gift from an old student. I had it sitting in a closet for years and couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do with it.

The next project was an old, rusted bicycle that had been sitting in our garden for way too long collecting spider webs. Again I was carrying it to the trash when I envisioned a little red spray paint.

Spray paint is seriously my new best friend! I’m pretty sure it looks better than when we bought it at Ross years ago.

And here they are together on the back patio! They have transformed my boring stucco wall. Love them!