This was a busy weekend.  We headed to Visalia for my best friend from high school’s wedding. The weather was absolutely perfect for vows to be spoken under the beautiful oak trees. Not only was I super excited to see Christa get married, but it was the first time that Tim and I actually got to leave Mia with my parents for a night out. I really wish we had family that lived closer. I tell myself I would have much more of an exciting night life. Somehow I doubt it though. It was great to be at the wedding just the two of us. With so much freedom on our hands, I couldn’t believe it when I looked at my watch thinking it was really late and I was shocked to realize it was only 7:45. We knew then that we must be getting old. We headed back  on Sunday to celebrate my friend Shiloh’s baby shower and then Josiah’s first birthday party. It was a whirlwind of a weekend. Somehow I must have given up taking picures after the wedding because sadly that was the only event of the weekend that was captured.  Oh and by the way, Mia was a champ the whole time! (minus the allergic skin reaction to only God knows what on Friday) The girl is a senstive one!

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