We went to the doctor yesterday for Mia’s 4 month wellness check. She is doing great! She weighs 15 lbs now (75th percentile) and is 24 1/4 inches long (75th percentile) It really is fun to watch her sit up now and have head control, grab toys, and roll over. Things that aren’t so fun this month are the whine (it sounds like a witch in boiling water) she has developed and the stranger anxiety. Mia has never had a problem napping when being put down. I have been really lucky that she does not cry when I put her down for naps. However, on the exact day she turned 4 months she started this whine. I  know that half the time she is faking because when I pay any attention to it, she gives me this sly half smile. So this last week we have endured lots of whining coming from the crib that tends to turn into crying. (I think that it might have to do with teething) The other crazy thing that started this month is the stranger anxiety. When I pass her off to grandparents, friends, etc. She starts to freak out! She begins to get a huge frown on her face, turn completely red, and then start wailing at the top of her lungs. Huge tears start pouring down her face and popping off her gigantic cheeks. It is actually really funny to watch and we cannot help but laugh when she does this. (And then it gets old real quick) Yesterday at the doctor’s office I put her down on the table and she began to grab at the paper sheet lining the table. She got this weird look on her face (like wait a minute I have been here before) and then started screaming. The doctor said that she could totally remember the last time coming in and laying on the table for shots. Crazy how they can remember things at such a young age. I really am loving this age. I told Tim the other day that I really could have done without the first two months and just skipped to this age.