I don’t know if anybody else experiences these “enjoyable moments” in marriage throughout their day, but I just have to share mine. We were expecting people over to the house this evening so I needed Tim to quickly walk the dog while I did the dishes and cleaned up a bit. As I’m frantically whirling around the house Mia begins to cry. I’m thinking Tim should be back any second, then he can take care of her. Well, there is no sign of Tim so now I have Mia in tow while still attempting to do the dishes. Where is he? I’m thinking he must be on a really long walk at this point. Our guests are supposed to be here in five minutes. When Tim finally walks through the door I ask the obvious question like any wife. “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?” And then I get a response I hadn’t even conjured up in my head. “Oh, there was a neighbor up the street a ways that looked like he needed some help moving a piano” Oh right, why hadn’t I thought of that. Then as I make my way to Mia’s room to quickly change her outfit I begin to smell this awful odor. “WHAT IS THAT SMELL?” Tim’s response: “Oh it might be the sage bush. I was trying to pull weeds under it and it rubbed all off on me.” “WHAT! YOU WERE PULLING WEEDS OUT THERE AS WELL?” And that’s when the doorbell rang. End of discussion.