For those of you that set your alarm each morning by your cell phone you know that they give you the option of setting it consecutively Mon-Fri or everyday. I have always been the Mon-Fri alarm setter and loved my sleep in days on the weekend. Now that we finally have Mia on a schedule we start our day each day at 7am. So I naturally set my alarm Mon-Fri 7am. Then it dawned on me! I will never be a Mon-Fri alarm setter again! She needs me to feed her at 7am on those sleep in weekend days as well. I guess it is not so bad though because I get to walk into her room and see this beautiful face. And nowadays she is actually smiling to see me everytime I walk in to pick her up out of her crib.

I received a juror summons last week. What a bummer! Nobody likes getting those in the mail. My mind instantly raced to how I was going to get out of this and which days to strategically pick to postpone my service time to. And then I read the fine print. Breastfeeding mothers can be deferred from jury duty! Praise the Lord! I could just picture myself in the courtroom with my breastpump. With all of the breastfeeding woes I have endured and am still enduring these first months, score 1 for breastfeeding to get me out of jury duty!

It is about time I got back into the excercie routine although it has not quite become routine yet. Now that I think about it, it probably was never routine. I attempted to run the other day and it was quite painful. I probably lasted about 10 strides. So Mia is starting to coach both Tim and myself back into shape.