We have survived two months! Mia went to her two month wellness check yesterday and is doing great. She is exactly 12 lbs now (70th percentile) She is 23 and a half inches long (90th percentile) and she got 4 shots yesterday. She even managed not to cry until shots number three and four. She is super strong. The doctor said she has the strength of a three month old. She loves standing up on her legs from a sitting position and can support her weight with help.  It’s actually a little shocking to watch her do it over and over again. She thinks it is a big accomplishment and smiles every time she stands up.  Things are on the up with her health this month as well. She is done with her antibiotics for her ear infection and her month long cold is 99% better! Every day is getting more and more fun as her personality grows. She smiles at anyone that will interact with her (although I think she saves most of her smiles for me) and she even started to giggle yesterday. Mia is a champion sleeper at night snoozing for about 8 hours. What a relief her night sleep is to us as she is a queen catnapper all day and only enjoys half hour naps leaving no time for me to get anything done. I can’t wait to see what this next month will hold as she grows and grows.